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“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” ~ (Roald Dahl)

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Doing my best Miranda Hart happy dance right now. Except I’m holding my boobs because (let’s be honest) I don’t need a black eye.

WOW. I don’t know what to say. I don’t how this happened or why.

I am so deeply appreciative of you all and I can only hope to be worthy of being on your dashboard.

So, previously in my life, I joined Tumblr in 2012 because of all my Olympic feels and it turns out that there were all other kinds of feels to be had so welcome to whatever this chaos of a blog is now.

Drop me a line if you’re up for a chat. Or not. That’s cool too.

Big loves x

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Puppy Love (A Ricky Stenhouse Jr/Danica Patrick One-Shot)

Wow it has been the longest time since I wrote a piece for this particular ship. Hopefully there are still readers out there. So get me up to speed Stenica fans (no pun intended). They now have a house and puppy together!? Excessive amounts of cuteness! Seriously. So this is written for an Anon who desperately wanted Dallas Stenhouse to make an appearance and for the Anon who felt that the Father’s Day tweet was too magnificent not to make mention of.

PLEASE note that if you want a particular request fulfilled, I have no access to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook in China. So sending links does not assist me. Please rather grab a screen shot and submit it to me as an image. I’m more likely to be able to have access then. Much appreciation in this regard.

Synopsis: So what happens when Danica leaves Ricky alone to take care of Dallas?

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The Pillow Fort aka Schmelps at its finest aka LYDIA IS BACK!

China will not let me re-blog but I cannot be stopped!

My favourite person and writer here on Tumblr is sharing her magnificence once more thus I feel inclined to make a mammoth deal of it. Because she is a gem and because this makes me so happy and I’m not an overly happy duck at the moment so this came at the right time INDEED. Go read and follow her. Please. Your lives will be better for it.

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Anonymous asked: Hopefully this will allow you to see the Stenica pic that went with the fic - if not, let me know (remove the parentheses): postimg(.)org/image/5j3z94m8v/

I didn’t see the picture but borrowed a friend’s VPN to do so. Dear Anon, could you warn me beforehand? My feels did not know what to do so I wrote something to help that. I do so hope you like it:D

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Anonymous asked: Five names: Nathan Adrian, Ricky Stenhouse Jr, Cullen Jones, Eddie Redmayne, Yannick Agnel.


Cuddle: Eddie and Ricky.

Kiss: Cullen. It’s completely awkward because he’s attached to another. *Pout*

Marry: Yannick Angel Agnel. The man reads poetry. In French. And plays guitar. And is generally lovely.

F**k: Nathan. *Sigh* So not a fan of the expression but there you go. *Wink wink* But also, he’s attached.

Kill: Nope. Not even for a game.